The nose brings us the aromatic notes announcing that great grape variety, the Cabernet Sauvignon; discreet, almost humble at first, then suddenly fuller, more structured, enlacing touches of acacia flower, crumpled blackcurrant leaves and hawthorn.


There is an imperturbable olfactive force here, a profusion of positive vibrations that flow through into the palate, heightened by an englobing roundness in the mouth, and lingering tannins melting gently into the generous, delectable finish.

Growing Conditions

The plots that compose the Château Langoa Barton terroir overlook the river. The splendid slopes of quaternary gravel bring the grapes to full maturity and then they undergo a rigorous selection process before being chosen for the Langoa Barton. The plowing is traditional, without weeding or herbicide. The grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon 57%, Merlot 34% and Cabernet Franc 9%.


The harvesting is done entirely by hand.


After the de- stemming, the berries are carefully sorted, crushed and poured in wooden vats thermo-regulated, according to their plots. The alcoholic fermentation lasts from 7 to 10 days and the extraction is always respectful of the juice by adjusting the number of pumping depending on the cuvées and the vintages. The maceration is about 3 weeks then the juice is drawn in barrels, lot by lot.


The wine is then aged between 16 and 18 months in French oak barrels of which 60% are brand new, in a cellar maintained at 15 °. The wines are topped up 3 times a week to avoid any contact between the wine and the air, the racking is traditional using the so- called "à l'esquive" method.


A beautiful purpurin robe edged with ochre.