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Château la Vaisinerire

A brief history

Formerly part of Château de Puisseguin the property has existed since the XVII century. The property has known a construction in two times : the first around 1685 with the construction of the main house ; the second in 1718 for the exploitation buildings. The walls of Château La Vaisinerie are printed by this rich past, as is evident from the engraving of the year 1718 on the wall of the vinification cellar.

In 2004, Bessede family, owner of the Chateau until 2019, the Bessede family renovated the domain in
respect of architectural considerations.

Since July 2019 Alain Moses has been the new owner. After being a wine broker for 20 years, Alain created TWINS, a wine merchant specialised in Fine Bordeaux Wines, now managed by his sons, Anthony and Sébastien.
As an entrepreneur, passionate by wines Alain wanted a new challenge A famous American blogger has recently outlined this adventure what happens when you spend the better part of your adult life working in and around the Bordeaux trade (and you finally retire You also know where the best terroir lies.

Château La Vaisinerie remains a familal property which employs 3 collaborators.
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Established in 1718

France, Gironde


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