Elegant nose with aromas of black berries.


Fleshy mouth sustained by notes of blueberries and blackberries.

Melted tannins. Silky and toasted finish. A beautiful long keeping-wine

Growing Conditions

The climatology of the 2015 vintage was most favourable: a hot year with just the right amount of rain at the right time.

When the grapes were harvest in optimal conditions, they were very healthy and very ripe, thanks to the beautiful months of September and October.

The 2015 is a very successful and promising vintage, and it reveals ripe fruitiness and beautiful tannins.

- Surface: 13 hectares

- Terroir: Argilo-limestone on the Asteria Limestone Plateau (adjacent to the Crus Classés at the gates of the City), and siliceous clay

- Planting density: 6,000 and 8,000 vines/ha

- Pruning: Single and mixed Guyot

- Soil work: Ploughing, no chemical weedkiller

- Average yield: 45 hl/ha

- Absence of CMR products

- Absence of herbicides

- HVE (High Environmental Value) approach

- Sexual confusion against cluster worms

- Autumn seeding to loosen, decompress, enrich the soil and then used as green manure


Manual sorting table in the cellar


At the Château


- Vinification: Sensible pumping over, according to the vintage, allows the tannins and the colour of the grapes to be gently extracted

- Vatting time: 18 days on average


16 months in French oak barrels (1/3 new, 1/3 of 1 wine and 1/3 of 2 wines) for half the harvest and the other half in temperature-controlled concrete vats


Beautiful cherry red colour.

Food Pairing

This grand cru will match perfectly poultry, red meat and mild cheeses.