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A brief history

My parents are both children of winemakers. My mother, Isabelle, grew up in Champagne and my father, Michel, in Alsace. After my father graduated from the University of Bordeaux and became an oenologist in 1978, my parents sought tremendous life experience and moved to Australia. They stayed in the Clare Valley, close to Adelaide, for 6 years, where Michel was in charge of one of Remy Martin’s vineyards.

After this fantastic period, they decided the next step was to launch our own business. The big question was where: Australia? Champagne? Alsace? They ended up in Bordeaux because they had fallen in love with the varied and lovely atmosphere, terroir, and grapes of this remarkable region.

In 1989, they settled in the medieval village of Rions, at the heart of Premières Côtes de Bordeaux. Discovering the availability of high quality and complex soils in still-affordable vineyards, my father immediately imagined the wonderful wines he could make here.

This is the wonderful world I was privileged to grow up in. After a few years working abroad, winemaking called me back. I returned to school, studying oenology at Supagro Montpellier. In 2017, I had the pleasure of joining the Château Haut-Rian team; I now manage all day-to-day operations.

For 30 years, thanks to a fabulous small team, we have grown our vines, made our wines, and sold to a thirsty public.

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