An explosion of rich black fruits, crushed gravel, exotic oak spices and a floral perfume.


This wine possesses a tight structure with layered, silky tannins, great precision and breadth of flavours, underpinned by superb freshness. Very elegantly composed, with perfectly mastered power. Great finish, the flavours perfume the palate with endless persistence.
To add to the glorious 2018 & 2019, Ducru Beaucaillou marks its 300th anniversary with the richest wine in its history. The warm climatic conditions suit it well, allowing Ducru Beaucaillou to assert with great depth its aristocratic elegance.
The style of 2020 is reminiscent of the academic 2010 but with a higher concentration of flavours and greater density of anthocyanins and tannins, underlined with the Ducru’s trademark freshness, giving an exquisite, succulent texture.


Traditional fining performed in barrel with egg whites. Bottling is carried out in a sterile atmosphere under inert oenological gas.
Only first-quality natural corks with a length of 54 mm are used.
Our bottles are laser etched, engraved with Ducru Beaucaillou, and have holograms incorporated into the labels.


Ducru Beaucaillou 2020 will age for 18 months in 100% new oak barrels. Certified French oak, naturally matured outdoors. Regular topping-up is carried out during the first six months of ageing. The wines are then racked by gravity every three months, with a total of seven rackings during ageing.


Opaque colour.