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A brief history

Why " ethical "? because we reason as best we can our practices. Work of the soil by the horse or the straddle. Manual harvest, no systemic, pesticide, herbicide in the vineyard. No input into the wines. Natural yeasts, no filtration, natural plugs, and very little SO2.

Why " francs "? Because a respectful intervention of the soil in the vineyard and the absence of oenological input in the vine, is essential for the expression of the terroir in the wine.

Why organic ? and above all bio-dynamic ? because it is an exciting and holistic approach to the way we work at the Old Chapel. Holistic in its human dimension (the pleasure of working and welcoming in the healthiest possible environment), vegetal, mineral, animal, and cosmic ...

All our wines have been certified Bio / Ecocert since 2013 and in bio-dynamie / Demeter since 2017.

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