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A brief history

The Chateau de Chambrun property was established between the World Wars by the Cholet family when it was known as “Clos de Chambrun”, a name originating from one of the plots called “Champ Brun” or “Brown Field” in English. The This property belonged to Jean-Philippe Janoueix until 2007, then to Silvio Denz until 2015.

It is now our flagship vineyards and represents a new generation of winegrowing at our estates, in turn having provided remarkable benefits since its revitalisation in 2015. We have also preserved for the Chambrun and Moncets label design the Templars’ Cross, the historic symbol of the Pomerol appellations.

As of 2019 the total area of Chateau de Chambrun has been 13.80 hectares
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1 Chemin du Roussillon
France, Gironde


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