Just a little suggestion of botrytis/cabbage aroma with lots of sweetness on the palate.


Lots of energy in this wine - not just sweet! Interesting wine. Very lively with a little bitter note of grapefruit peel on the

Growing Conditions

Chateau Cantegril is a 22 hectare plot on the chalky plateau of the Haut Barsac. It
is located where once a fortified castle of the same name stood back in the
Middle Ages. It belonged to the duke of Epernon and then to the lords of
Cantegril, one of whom married Miss de Myrat and built, the chateau Myrat on
Cantegril as it stands today. In 1854 Chateau Cantegril was separated from Myrat
as a ruling from the civil court on December 24th 1862 stipulated. Purchased by
the Segur Montagne family, it changed hands several times until it became the
property of Charles Rodberg, the Belgian Consul in Bordeaux, and then that of
Emile Raymond. In 1924 it was bought by Denis Dubourdieu's maternal great
grand parents, the L'Hermite-Mansencal family.
Although not listed in the official classification of 1855, Chateau Cantegril is
mentioned among the second growths in the various editions of “Bordeaux
and its Classified Wines by Order of Merit” written by Charles Cocks and
Edouard Ferret (1874, 1881, 1886, 1893, 1898, 1908, 1922, 1929).
Chateau Cantegril has belonged to the same family since 1924 and has been
managed in turn by Andre Mansencal until 1978, his son in law Pierre Dubourdieu
until 2000, then by his son Denis Dubourdieu.
Since 2016 Fabrice and Jean Jacques Dubourdieu have carried on the family
adventure. Fabrice Dubourdieu lives at Chateau Cantegril.

The soil at Chateau Cantegril is the same as in the rest of the Barsac area, namely : 40 cms of clay on top of the typical limestone plateau of this appellation.
Area : 10.5 hectares


Manually harvested, successively picked and sorted


Fermentation takes place in barrels having separated each sorted pick of each
individual plot.


Three months after the harvest a first blend is made. The ageing is done in
barrels for an average of 12 months.


Greenish tinge to the straw colour.