Growing Conditions

Difficult weather conditions throughout the season, with frosts in the spring. Compensated by excellent weather in the final months, allowing us to harvest the grapes relatively late. A classic Brown vintage, with a strong majority of Cabernet Sauvignon and rich flavours typical of our gravel terroir.

• Gravelly and clay-limestone soil
• Plot-by-plot management with integrated drainage system


Merlot: 7th-21st October
Cabernet Sauvignon: 22th - 30th October
Petit Verdot: 17th October

- 39 hectolitres/ha
- 78% 1st wine

• 100% manual in small boxes, with bunch selection on the vine
• Double sorting in the winery (bunches and grapes), using vibrating sorting tables


10th & 11th May 2010


• 100-hectolitre thermo-regulated stainless steel vats • No grapes treading
• Cold maceration (8°C) for 3-5 days before fermentation
• Alcoholic fermentation at 25°C, then 28°C to finish
• Small volumes pumped over three times daily
• Warm maceration after fermentation (30°C), until ready for transfer to the barrels
• The contents of each vat are transferred to barrels after tasting. Pressing using a JLB vertical press.
• Malolactic fermentation: one third in brand new
French oak barrels, the rest in stainless steel vats


100% in French oak barrels: 40% new, 40% used once, 20% used twice. Matured for 12 - 15 months