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A brief history


The Alliance des Récoltants is an independent association of united and Committed winegrowers who work soils, Vines and Wine, with respect for the Terroir, People and Nature.
Together, they promote their wines through a collective banner based on mutual aid.
The Alliance des Récoltants are owner grower wines, committed to a minimum HVE 3 environmental certification.
To obtain the label, each estate must pass a quality audit involving 51 control points and undergo a tasting by the jury of Sommeliers International.
A minimum score of 86/100 is required to enter the Alliance des Récoltants.
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Established in 2020

Château de Barre

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Alliance des Récoltants Château du Hayot Bottle Preview
Alliance des RécoltantsChâteau du Hayot

Intimately associated with the great Sauternes adventure since 1851 with Château Romer du Hayot, classified as second cru in 1855, the Hayot family perpetuates today the know-how of this legendary wine.

Alliance des Récoltants Château Laborde des Bossuet Bottle Preview
Alliance des RécoltantsChâteau Laborde des Bossuet

Les Vignobles Roy-Trocard owns this wine estate, located in Saint-Aignan. Family property of 22 hectares (Trocard family), located in Lalande de Pomerol.

Alliance des Récoltants Château Haut Lavignère Bottle Preview
Alliance des RécoltantsChâteau Haut Lavignère

Émilie Vallier took the reins in 2015 of the estate that her greatgrandfather bought in 1930: today, château Haut Lavignère count more than 12 ha located on the sandy loam soils of the plain of Saint-Peyd’Armens, in the south est of the appellation. This fairly large estate is the sign of an excellent cuvée made almost exclusively from Merlot (95%), which also has the merit of representing the entire vineyard.

Alliance des Récoltants Château Frachet Prestige Bottle Preview
Alliance des RécoltantsChâteau Frachet Prestige

Château Frachet is located in Cénac on one of the most beautiful gravelly terraces overlooking the Garonne. The origins of the property date back to the 18th century. Named until recently «Ricmont», it is now operated under the name of the harvesting owners.

Alliance des Récoltants Château Le Tertre de Leyle Bottle Preview
Alliance des RécoltantsChâteau Le Tertre de Leyle

Located in the heart of the Côtes de Bourg appellation, the property is made from one piece. Made from carefully selected plots, this cuvée is the subject of special aging; the vanilla notes are fine and elegant.

Alliance des Récoltants Château Carpena Bottle Preview
Alliance des RécoltantsChâteau Carpena

It is in the «Correspondence» of the famous Latin poet Ausone that we find traces of the first Bordeaux wine-growing establishments and in particular on the edge of the Gironde on the limestone plateau which currently overlooks this estuary formed by the Dordogne and the Garonne. This is where the Château Carpena is located, a vineyard reconstituted in the 1980s by Mr. Claude Carreau who also owns the famous Château Eyquem, a neighboring wine estate also located on the same clay-lime plateau in the town of Bayon.