2019 is a ripe, tannic wine with fruit character and amazingly well-preserved acidity. It shows superb balance. The merlot contributes density, body, smoothness, volume and breed. The little Cabernet Franc that was selected for the First Wine displayed lace-like elegance and was complex, flavoursome and very long on the palate. The Cabernet Sauvignon was lively, delicious and flavoursome.

Even in small proportion, it brought an indispensable touch of freshness to the final blend. Vieux Château Certan 2019 is very promising and can be compared with the 2009 in terms of character, concentration and complexity.

Growing Conditions

Everything this year contributed to the success of the vintage : a sufficiently cool and rainy winter followed by a fresh and sunny spring that enabled a fast, even budding of the vines.

Throughout the summer, a water deficit in the soils gradually set in before the veraison process. During the ripening of the grapes, dry, sunny weather combined with cool nights enhanced the aromatic potential of the grapes as the harvest approached. A few welcome light rain showers as from 22nd September allowed the vines to rehydrate and complete the full ripening of the grapes.


Harvest from 23rd to 27th September then on 2nd
and 3rd October 2019.

Yield: 40 hectolitres per hectare.


6th to 14th May 2021