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A brief history

Vieux Château Certan is the result of a very special eco-system in which the soil, the vines and the climate blend harmoniously together to produce exceptional wine.

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Vieux Château Certan La Gravette de Certan Bottle Preview
Vieux Château CertanLa Gravette de Certan

Second Wine of the estate La Gravette de Certan is made subsequent to the blending tastings of Vieux Château Certan. Produced from young vines and a contrast to the First Wine, La Gravette de Certan is a wine with very fine precision that faithfully mirrors the pedigree of the vineyard.

Vieux Château Certan Vieux Château Certan Grand Vin Bottle Preview
Vieux Château CertanVieux Château Certan Grand Vin

Vieux Château Certan combines savoir-faire with exceptional soils. Coming mainly from the vineyard’s oldest vines, Vieux Château Certan is every year a blend of the most excellent lots produced at the estate. The brilliance of the wine’s hue, the richness of its aromas and the subtlety of its flavour bring it inimitable style.