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A brief history

As a wave of housing development threatened to engulf the small Bordeaux wine village of Cardan and take away its rural culture, its community decided to take a stand to maintain the rural and architectural heritage of the village.

Founded with the mission to protect the heritage of the beautiful village of Cardan, sustain its rural community and to hand produce high quality organic wines, Paradise Rescued was founded by Australian engineer entrepreneur and villager David Stannard in 2010.

Beginning with a half hectare block of neglected Cabernet Franc, overlooked by the 12th century village church, setting an organic viticulture / wine strategy in place, Paradise Rescued has progressively restored the vineyard to good health and created the unique Bordeaux B1ockOne varietal Cabernet Franc brand wine.

In 2011, a second vineyard block was purchased next to the property and winery. The existing (now) 65 year old Merlot vines were retained and the remaining area cleared and replanted in new Merlot in 2014. This vineyard has become the home of Paradise Rescued Merlot and BlockTwo Merlot CabFranc Bordeaux blend.

Our wine philosophy is “fruit forward” - what we grow in the vineyard is reflected in the wine we produce. The wines are elegant, forward and easy to drink at a young age but with the potential to age beautifully, reflecting the care taken in both the vineyard and winery. We combine straightforward traditional techniques of winemaking and oak barrel maturation combined with modern organic science and minimal intervention.

“Good wines are first created in the vineyard and the soil in which they are grown. We want our wines to reflect our efforts to create a dynamic organic vineyard environment.” David Stannard, Founder

The Paradise Rescued vision is to be a progressive niche niche brand leader. We export our wines across the Euro zone, the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA (pending). We welcome visitors to our vineyards and winery and look forward to sharing our story with you in person.

Paradise Rescued was awarded the 2021 France Winery of the Year for Cabernet Franc by the Melbourne International Wine Competition for its 2015 (Double Gold Medal) and 2014 (Gold Medal) awards. Paradise Rescued is also a two time winner of a Silver Stevie International Business Award.
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Established in 2010

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Meet The Team

  • David Stannard

    David was born and educated in England, qualifying as a Chemical Engineer from Birmingham University in 1980. He has had a successful leadership career in the petrochemical industry in the UK, Netherlands and Australia covering 40 years.
    Together with his family, he purchased a small holiday property in Cardan, Bordeaux in 1992 which served as a family “home away from home” for many years. When changes in land rezoning and a resultant avalanche of property development in the village placed a consequent potential threat to the family property and ongoing heritage of the village, the time for action had arrived. Working closely with the community and neighbours, the family purchased the surrounding vineyard land in order to sustain it as an organically managed high-quality vineyard. Vineyard management operations commenced in January 2010.

    SAS Paradise Rescued was formed in 2011 as the operational company to manage the vineyards, produce and market the wines to high quality international markets. Organic Certification (ECOCERT) was achieved in 2016. Today a dedicated and passionate team take care of each section of the operation from vine to wine and onto market and brand. Paradise Rescued is increasingly recognised as a niche ultra-premium organic micro wine brand.

    David is both a passionate speaker and author of three books:
    From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc
    It’s Not About the Dirt
    Let’s Get Visual

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