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Having acquired Château des Combes in 1858, our family settles in the small hamlet of Hourc, a commune of Ladaux, itself a small village in the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers, to the south east of Bordeaux. Pierre Ducourt, then his children and his grand-children tend to several hectares of vines that belong to the estate. The arrival of our grandfather, Henri Ducourt, at the property marks an important turning point for the business. He, with the help of his three children (Marie Christine, Philippe and Bernard), is to drastically revitalise the company and turn this family vineyard into one of Bordeaux’s largest winemaking unities, with 480 hectares and 14 chateaus in 6 different appellations controlées.
Found on every one of our labels, the crocodile is the emblem of Henri Ducourt’s vigorous business spirit, which lives on today, as strong as ever, in each family member. And what better ambassadors could exist to remind people that Entre-Deux-Mers is where this family adventure began?
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Lieu-dit le HOURC
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Famille Ducourt Réserve de Famille - The finest grapes of the vintage - Bordeaux Red Bottle Preview
Famille DucourtRéserve de Famille - The finest grapes of the vintage - Bordeaux Red

The original idea was to keep aside the best plot of vines from the greatest vintages and vinify those grapes separately, with the utmost care that is needed to produce a great wine. After a eighteen months of ageing, the cuvee of the year is bottled and carefully stored in our cellar. It served to dedicate a part of the production to new child or elders in the family as well as to celebrate birthdays. These bottles were also regularly enjoyed during meals, whether with family, friends or business associates. Because of growing interest in this wine, we have started to distribute it to clients visiting our estate, friends and an handful of restaurants. Over time, a group of loyal customers has been formed which helped us to bottle a little more Réserve de Famille each year that goes by.

Famille Ducourt Château d'Haurets - Bordeaux White Bottle Preview
Famille DucourtChâteau d'Haurets - Bordeaux White

This building, once a modest farm, was converted into a chartreuse in the 18th Century when it was acquired by a notable Swede. In 1983, this château is bought by our grandparents, Henri and Simone, and becomes their home. It’s the place where our family and friends gather together for all occasions. The château breathes joy and good living, just like the wines that are produced here. Region : Bordeaux, Entre-Deux-Mers, France Surface area : 14,8 hectares Soil type : Clay-limestone Grape varieties : Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle, Semillon Vineyard management : Guyot pruning, de-budding, thinning out leaves, green harvest, sustainable agriculture Vineyard manager : Philippe Ducourt Harvest : Machine harvesting in the cool, early morning Maceration : Skin-contact maceration for several hours, depending on ripeness and pressing Fermentation : Beginning of the cold alcoholic fermentation (12˚C) then an increase in temperature to finish the fermentation at 20˚C Ageing : Ageing on lees in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats Average annual production : 108 000 bottles Oenologist : Jérémy Ducourt Colour : Pale yellow with greenish tints Nose : A delicate balance of white flowers and fresh fruit Mouth : Very elegant, with length and a fine balance of softness and freshness Food pairings : Aperitif, fish, seafood