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A brief history

The Domaine du Carrelet is a vineyard which was established in 2017, and is located in the Bordeaux region. This two hectare family estate is essentially cultivated by hand, producing micro-cuvées which guarantee the quality of an elegant wine made by wine enthusiasts.

Carrelet is the emblem of the Gironde estuary, and is in turn associated with estate, which reveals the practise of fishing by net on the banks of the Isle.
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Established in 2017

1 Labory
France, Gironde


Meet The Team

  • Jérémy Brun

    In the paternal wake, Jérémy grew up in the world of vine, so did not it take "push it too much" to decide him to launch alongside his father. In a way, writing his childhood in the vineyard and the cellar where the little boy accompanies him regularly. After 15 years passed as a state-marine in many countries of the Mediterranean Indian Ocean, Jérémy approaches his family in 2016 according to a new assignment in Bordeaux. A year after his return, vineyards located in the town of Galgon near Saint-Emilion, not far from the family home are offered for sale. The opportunity for tandem to concretize their desires by buying these two hectares then abandoned.

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  • Frédéric Labatut

    He started his career as a restaurateur. By a happy chance, he became winemaker, an area of activity where he quickly has found his place and flourished for 35 years now occupying the functions including director of a vineyard in appellation Fronsac. As the father, he engages his son in this adventure. The Domaine du Carrelet is the incarnation of a dream and a passion shared by a father and his son.

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