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Clos Les Hauts Martins

A brief history

As an Independent Winegrower, we belong to a large family, that of passionate winemakers, who respect their terroir and who develop their wine, from the vine to marketing, with the greatest requirement.

At Clos Les Hauts Martins, tradition rhymes with evolution: we have always favored tillage (we are among the few estates to own vines that have never experienced weed killers) and we have always harvested manually.

Since 2014, we have also decided to start an official process of transitioning to organic viticulture. This is the logical culmination of a reflection and evolution of our cultural practices that began a long time ago and this long before "organic" fashion.

So officially from the 2018 vintage our wines will be certified "organic".
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Established in 1964

France, Gironde


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