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Clos Floridene

A brief history

Clos Floridène today covers an area of 40 hectares in the Graves appellation ; mostly it lies on the limestone plateau of Pujols sur Ciron, near Barsac. A few portions are on the pebbly terraces of Illats.

The name stems from the combination of the founders’ names - Denis and Florence Dubourdieu.

In the early days , Clos Floridène, (1982) was a small two hectare plot of land planted with old vines of semillon and muscadelle. Furthermore there was the vigneron’s homestead, an old cellar and two hectares of fallow land. This was immediately planted up with cabernet sauvignon.

Through the gradual purchase of adjacent portions the current vineyard was established. In 1991 Clos Floridène was substantially enlarged through the incorporation of Chateau Montalivet, a bordering thirteen hectare vineyard

The wines of Clos Floridène were first made in the cellar at Chateau Reynon. The first phase of building the cellar at Floridène started in 2004. The red Clos Floridène 2005 vintage was elaborated in this new facility.

The second phase of building started in 2016. The ultimate goal was to develop both the wine making installation as well as ageing facilites. Up until recently these were made at Chateau Reynon.

The original historic vigneron’s homestead was also restored. It is now used as a B and B with an attached reception hall which allows Clos Floridène to host events and promote wine tourism.

The renovation work and building was completed in 2018. In all it took 36 years to launch Clos Floridène as an independent vineyard and winery. It is now internationally known.

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