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Château Talbot Connétable Talbot Bottle Preview
Château TalbotConnétable Talbot

This is one of the best second wines of the Médoc. Connétable saw the light of day in the sixties. It has benefited over the years from all the care given to the vineyard and increasingly severe selections. Like its predecessor Chateau Talbot, this is a classic, elegant wine with a clear, well-designed structure and a long, fresh finish.

Château Talbot Château Talbot Bottle Preview
Château TalbotChâteau Talbot

Undeniably, Talbot is one of the most famous Médoc wines. Having been in the same family for more than a century, this estate with more than one hundred hectares of vines produces wine that is recognized for the consistent quality of its vintages. ‘For many, Talbot embodies the ideal Saint Julien, a generous bouquet, extremely stable and dependable during aging,’ emphasize Bettane and Desseauve in their Guide to French Wines. It’s true, Talbot is a champion of longevity; even young Talbot is pleasant and rounded, always characterized by silky, mild and very civilized tannins. Talbot possesses an expansive character. It’s never withdrawn into itself and has the courtesy of being in a good mood every day. It’s a racy wine, with complex marks of Havana tobacco and licorice, classically delicious without ever the slightest hint of austerity.

Château Talbot Caillou Blanc Bottle Preview
Château TalbotCaillou Blanc

Made from a majority of Sauvignon grapes with a touch of Semillon, Caillou blanc is fermented and aged Burgundy-fashion in barrels with regular stirring of the lees. It is a very aromatic, balanced wine, whose flavours develop further after being laid down for a few years.