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A brief history

In the 17th century, the magistrates of Bordeaux Parliament discovered the potential of the great terroirs of the Garonne River. Councilor Rabaud then created a vineyard of 60ha south of Ciron, famous tributary of the Garonne.
In 1832, the Guide Jullien, (reference guide of the time), classified the quality of Rabaud production at the level of that of Yquem and Rayne Vigneau. Then during the classification of 1855, many estates including Latour, Haut Brion, and Rabaud, were elevated to the rank of 1er cru.
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Established in 1863

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France, Gironde


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Château Sigalas Rabaud La Demoiselle de Sigalas Bottle Preview
Château Sigalas RabaudLa Demoiselle de Sigalas

This dry white wine was created in 2009. It refers to La marquise de Lambert des Granges reflecting the elegance and the refinement of the terroir.

Château Sigalas Rabaud Le Lieutenant de Sigalas Bottle Preview
Château Sigalas RabaudLe Lieutenant de Sigalas

Made from the same terroir as the first growth, the Lieutenant de Sigalas is a blending of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. The set produces a Sauternes to consume more quickly, while fresh, with aromas of flowers and white fruits.

Château Sigalas Rabaud Château Sigalas Rabaud Premier Cru Classé 1855 Bottle Preview
Château Sigalas RabaudChâteau Sigalas Rabaud Premier Cru Classé 1855

Created in the 17th century, the Rabaud vineyard becomes First Growth wine at the occasion of the classification in 1855. In 1863, Henry de Sigalas acquired the estate. Forty years later, his unique son, Pierre Gaston de Sigalas sold the biggest part of the estate. He only kept « the jewel of Sigalas », a hill composed of gravels which faces the South, the current 14 hectares. Today, the de Lambert des Granges family, heir to Château Sigalas Rabaud, perpetuates the tradition by respecting the « terroir » and the selection of the wines in order to produce a Great Sauternes.

Château Sigalas Rabaud Le 5 de Sigalas Bottle Preview
Château Sigalas RabaudLe 5 de Sigalas

The 5 of Sigalas Rabaud is grown on the same soil as the first Grand Cru Classé. This wine was designed without sulfur. The name of Le 5 is the result of 5 years of hard work in the vineyard and in the cellar. In the vineyard, we have devoted ourselves to a new environmentally friendly way of management practices in the vineyard. We were crowned the label of "High Environmental Quality."

Château Sigalas Rabaud La Sémillante de Sigalas Bottle Preview
Château Sigalas RabaudLa Sémillante de Sigalas

Part of the estate is reserved for the production of dry white wines including La Sémillante de Sigalas. The specific know-how of the Sauternes winemakers allows Sigalas to produce it without the addition of fungicid. This 100 % Semillon wine is an originality in Bordeaux.