The pleasure of its luxurious aromas disclosing cigar box notes which combine harmoniously with aromas of ripe fruits. Like a protective cocoon promising the ultimate in epicurean pleasures.


Superb freshness and elegance. The first sip coats the palate seductively with a combination of finesse, elegance and unparalleled charm. The wine's smooth, complex texture will make you want to linger over the tasting experience. To taste a glass of Rauzan-Sélga is to savour its fruity freshness and let yourself be transported by its silky smooth texture, the result of over 3 centuries of winemaking expertise. It is to get lost in the eternal pleasure of tasting a fine Bordeaux, safe in the knowledge that it will reveal all of its magnificent power over the years to come.

Growing Conditions

The vineyard had to be protected due to a wet spring. Extra attention was required to keep damp and mildew from affecting the vines. The first version of berries started to show from July 14th.


Aging for 18 months in French oak barrels, 60% new.


This journey of pleasure begins on the eye. A colour that draws us in and makes us want to discover its secrets.