Growing Conditions

2015 will go down in the history of Prieuré-Lichine’s vintages as one of extreme refinement, brought by ripe Cabernet Sauvignon, and amazing density.
The 2014-2015 winter was quite mild with high rainfall. Building of the vines was late, beginning in April, and promised a large, homogeneous crop. Spring weather ensured even shooting of the vines but with high fungal disease pressure due to numerous spells of rainy weather
throughout April and May. Careful monitoring and fast reaction by our vineyard teams made sure the vines were well protected.
A quite dry month of June guaranteed a successful flowering process with crop size forecasts in line with our expectations. July had a big impact on the vintage with the weather causing a severe water deficit in the vines. Berries hardly grew in size, while young vines showed worrying signs of advanced stress, forcing us to thin those crops for the
long-term survival of the plots.
Fortunately, regular rain showers throughout August brought a new lease of life to the vegetation and helped enlarge the thick-skinned berries. September with its light rain showers that came at judicious intervals reinforced hopes for a great 2015 vintage. Dry, warm weather enabled a fully ripe crop to be brought in. Each individual plot zone was harvested at the optimum moment, without constraint.
Because of naturally higher alcoholic degrees, the vinifications went smoothly with shorter macerations than in 2014.
The wines show modern-style profiles a flavoursome and powerfulpalate.
Unquestionably, the end of season weather helped make 2015 a stand-out vintage in its time with good balances, fabulous aromatic precision and rarely archieved density on the palate. Most definitely a great vintage for Margaux and for


5 to 10 years.

Food Pairing

Confidences de Prieuré-Lichine can be enjoyed in all circumstances, ideally for the aperitif, a convivial meal, an evening with friends...