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Château Peyrabon

A brief history

"Bringing together the best of tradition by combining the right dose of innovation to give birth to great wines while revealing the expression of the terroir, this is the ambition of Château Peyrabon. "

Nestled in its green setting, Château Peyrabon can be discovered suddenly appearing at the bend of rows of perfectly aligned vines. For more than 20 years, the Bernard family has put all its passion and energy at the service of this pearl of Haut-Médoc, magnificently situated on a hillock of gravel a few kilometers from Pauillac.

In the heart of the Médoc, Château Peyrabon is built in the middle of its vineyard where an alley lined with vines leads to this magnificent Renaissance-style building. This art was first born in Italy and then gradually introduced in Europe. In France, it was discovered during the battles against Italy in the 16th century.

Four towers were added to the mansion in 1821, which proudly launch the Castle towards the sky, it is covered with a superb slate roof which in good weather reflects the sunlight and makes it sparkling. After almost 250 years, these simple and elegant shapes are still relevant today.

A wooded park surrounds the building where hundred-year-old magnolias bloom, (certainly planted during its construction), they finalize the decor of this castle filled with history.

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