A nose offering up both the exoticism of pineapple and the smoothness of acacia.


On the palate it reveals a surprising richness from the very ripe Semillon, together with liveliness in the mid-palate from the pure and clean Sauvignon. It lingers remarkably in the finish and leaves an impact.

Growing Conditions

Biodynamique depuis 2000, taille en guyot double, enherbement hivernal spontané, travail des sols au printemps. Traitements associant bouillie bordelaise en faible quantité avec des tisanes de plantes telles que la prêle et l’ortie.


Our biodynamic wines, connected to life, to nature, make sense of what you drink and they will make you feel good.

Fermentation using yeast native to the estate, 40% fermented in new barrels, the remainder in concrete vats. Harvesting by hand in crates very early in the morning to preserve freshness, with the afternoon devoted to gently pressing the grapes. Maturation for six months with regular yeast stirring. Slight dose of sulphur added to the must, followed by another before bottling. Total SO2: 35 mg/l. Bottled on a fruit day of the biodynamic calendar


Le Blanc by Château Peybonhomme-Les-Tours stands out thanks to the depth of its colour, nose and flavour. A bright and slightly buttery yellow appearance.