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Château Pétrus

A brief history

Château Petrus, which is located on a plateau in the eastern portion of Pomerol, Bordeaux, gets its name from the Latin version of St. Peter. In 1961, Jean-Pierre Moueix purchased the estate. Today, Jean-Francois Moueix, the son of Jean-Pierre Moueix, and his children, including Jean Moueix, own Petrus. The 28.5 acre vineyard of Petrus is situated at the top of the highest elevation on the Pomerol plateau and is planted to 100% Merlot grapes. The blue clay subsoils of Petrus are what make the wines so special. Petrus is distinctive as its entire vineyard is right on top of the clay, while neighboring vineyards only have a portion of blue clay in their soils. From this unique soil and terroir, Petrus only produces one wine. Today, Petrus is distributed around the world exclusively by Clés Distribution.
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