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Château Paveil de Luze

A brief history

Château Paveil de LUZE is one of the oldest properties in the Médoc. On the route des grands crus, in the heart of the Margaux appellation, in the small town of Soussans, stands a beautiful building with two towers which forms a landmark in a horizon of vines. Family property of the de LUZE family since 1862, Château Paveil de LUZE is original in more ways than one.
In front of the castle, 32 hectares magnificently exposed East / West, have remained in one piece, sitting on the same ground for three centuries. A ground and a subsoil of deep gravels which ensure a natural drainage and which favors the smoothness of our wines. The vines of Château Paveil de Luze are arranged like a garden. Deeply rooted in the bowels of the earth, they form the basis of our château, our history and of course our wines. Here Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot find an ideal terroir of expression.
It is by holding the secrets of the care given to the vineyard and the aging of the wines that Frédéric de LUZE and Stéphane Fort, owner and cellar master, both succeeded their fathers at Château Paveil de LUZE. A heritage and a deep sense of belonging to this property bind them in their work. Surrounded by winegrowers who love the terroir, they watch over the harmonious development of the vineyard, passionately vinify the grapes and monitor the aging until bottling.
Reasoned cultivation, water management, treatment of cellar effluents, phytosanitary effluents, soil decompaction… Respect for our terroir and the environment has taken an important place in our production process. Today we use the best production techniques combined with a philosophy of vineyard protection to offer a quality wine that meets our environmental requirements.
Because there are men and women behind our wines and because our Château has been in our family for 7 generations, we invite you to discover this real family saga, whose different characters have left their mark forever. style and their passion Château Paveil de LUZE
The Paveil vineyard dates from the 17th century and until the end of the 18th century belonged to the Lords of Bretonneau, one of whose members married under the reign of Louis XV, a daughter of the Chevalier de Rauzan. In 1862, Baron Alfred de Luze bought this magnificent 120 hectare estate and made its wines known throughout the world. The Siberian winter of 1956 destroyed a large part of the vineyard and in 1960, Baron Geoffroy de Luze decided to restore the luster to the property.
It was with method and patience that the makeover was undertaken: replanting of the vineyard, restoration of the vat room, renovation of the cellars.