Features aromas of honey, spice, and citrus.


A remarkable finesse, and a touch of acidity that gives balance and character to the wine.


The Cadillac appellation was created in 1972. Specifications call for entirely hand picked grapes and sales restricted to wine in bottles. About 80% of the grapes are botrytised*, and the wine is fermented either in vat or in barrel.

Botrytis cinerea is a fungus that concentrates sugar in the grapes. This "noble rot" accounts for all great natural sweet white wines.


Château Manos is aged in barrels in Lamothe's underground cellars.


Château Manos has a beautiful golden colour.

Food Pairing

It is an ideal aperitif or a delight with foie gras, and also goes beautifully with white meats and desserts that are not overly sweet.