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A brief history

The name Lynch-Moussas goes back to the 19th century, when Count Lynch’s estate was divided in two: Lynch-Bages and Lynch- Moussas (Moussas is the place name where many of the vines are located).
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France, Gironde


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Château Lynch-Moussas Le Château Lynch-Moussas Bottle Preview
Château Lynch-MoussasLe Château Lynch-Moussas

The Château was founded in the 18th century by a member of the Lynch Family. We can trace the origin of the "Moussas" name back to the 16th century. In 1919 the property was purchased by the Castéja family, at that time also owner of Duhart-Milon and later was inherited by Emile Castéja. Philippe Castéja, Emile Castéja's son, has been in charge of the property and its vineyards since. Château Lynch-Moussas is a typical Pauillac exhibiting a dark colour, a fruitful bouquet, a lot of softness with ripe tannins.

Château Lynch-Moussas Les Hauts De Lynch-Moussas Bottle Preview
Château Lynch-MoussasLes Hauts De Lynch-Moussas

Les Hauts de Lynch-Moussas, second wine of Château Lynch-Moussas, classified as a Grand Cru Classé in 1855, was created in 2001 by Philippe Castéja succeeding to his father, Emile. The name comes from the name of the vineyards situated just above the estate. On the sorting table, essentially the grapes from the youngest vines are used to make the wine which is however elaborated with the same care and same high standards as for the Premier Vin.