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Château Les Lattes

A brief history

Enclosed in a peninsula in the North of Bordeaux, the vineyard of the Médoc wine occupies an exceptional status.

Following the Gironde on more than 80 kilometers, the region offers horizons highly varied, as well as a big variety of grounds. These various soils make the wealth of Médoc wines where every property offers its own characteristics, so leaving to the amateur of vintage wines an infinite range of pleasures, so visual, as olfactive, gustative and even tactile.

Under “Château Carcanieux” two entities existed for a long time : Château Carcanieux “Les Graves” and Château Carcanieux “Les Lattes”, which the origins and the anteriority cannot be disputed because of their quotation since 1868 in “Bordeaux et ses Vins” by Cocks and Féret.

Both names were used until 1968 : further to their membership to the “Syndicat des Crus Bourgeois”, and to avoid quite confusion, they distinguished themselves and became “Château Carcanieux” and “Château Les Lattes”.

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