Growing Conditions

The vineyard of Château La Valière belongs to the very ancient Castillon vineyard of Médoc, former name of Saint Christoly de Médoc. In 2011, we took over with our family this estate located on the banks of Gironde, just 3 km from La Tour de By. We know this vineyard well, our Grandfather Marc Pagès having selected it on his return from Tunisia to install the son of his friend and partner. Nearly 40 years later, the Cailloux family no longer wished to continue its operation, they offered us to take over this magnificent property so that the story could continue.

The soil is made up of deep gravel, this poor and perfectly drained soil requires suffering and effort by the vine to create rare aromas. Soil cultivation is fully mechanical with one row out of two grassed. We use natural compost. We practice an environmentally friendly vineyard culture in La Valière, as on our La Tour de By property.


We make a traditional egg white collage before bottling.


We practice traditional winemaking in the Médoc, distinguished by long fermentations and macerations (3 weeks).


Aging for 12 months in barrels and vats.


This Cru Bourgeois, Château La Valière 2018 is a very elegant, concentrated and gourmet wine. With a beautiful deep red color, this wine is a real delight.

Food Pairing

This Château La Valière - Cru Bourgeois 2018, will be delicious on a barbecued pork roll accompanied by its grilled vegetables.

Ideal on a PDO Camembert from Normandy or a Brie de Meaux.

Excellent on a citrus pie (oranges, clementines...).