Growing Conditions

After a very rainy autumn, winter is particularly mild, with normal
precipitation. Mild temperatures have led to a rapid warming of the soil. Bud breaking is then rather early. Two frost episodes occur in April and May without major damage.
The summer is dry and particularly hot. New records will be set with temperatures approaching 40°C in July. Stormy rains in August will limit the water stress. The harvest takes place with rather summer temperatures.


from September the 15th to September the 30th 2020


Type of tank: Stainless‐steel tanks and wooden vats under temperature control
Method: After a meticulous sorting, the grape are destemmed. The berries, without being crushed, are transferred by conveyer belts in tanks of small capacities.
A soft extraction by punching down is practiced on all tanks. Maceration and fermentation last approximately one month.
The wine is aging in barrels 50 % of them are new. Filtration and clarification are done if necessary.