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A brief history

Expressing our terroirs in our wines is an important part of our philosophy. We are convinced that the blend of our terroirs is the main characteristic of our wines.
Since our installation in 2005, all our efforts are turned towards the vineyard in order to draw the quintessence of it. We are fortunate to have an old vineyard that we are restructuring in small steps by reorganizing the distribution of grape varieties according to the soils and climates. This slow process, because we want it that way, will make us the generation of winegrowers who will replant our entire vineyard. This is a responsibility that we take to heart because it is the possibility of leaving an indelible trace in our wines.
Respecting the natural balance of our vineyard, and therefore of our environment, is another major point of our philosophy. We think about the least impact of our cultivation practices in order to preserve the natural balance of our terroirs.
We listen to our vineyard and never try to control it according to our wishes. An old vineyard needs to be listened to and cared for, not forced.
Our wines reflect us and must therefore be a reflection of our passion, of the pleasure we have had in making them and of the pleasure we have in sharing them with as many people as possible. Our wines must be a pleasure for the palate but with the rigorous quality that we demand.
Our philosophy is the soul of Château La Rose Monturon, the vineyard and its wines.
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Established in 2005

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