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Château La France Delhomme

A brief history

When the Bouey Family first purchased the estate, they renamed it “Château La France Delhomme” in honor of one of their ancestors. The wines produced here owe their distinct character to vineyards planted overwhelmingly with Merlot (90%), and to its sandy and chalky soil.

This may not sound unusual, but it is a rare soil type indeed: the sand in the soil was actually carried in by winds from the West. Aeolian sand, as it is known, is extremely rare in the Gironde. When incorporated into the soil, it reduces its capacity to retain water and allows it to warm up faster in the spring, bringing the vines’ natural cycle forward in relation to their neighbors. It is this sand that ensures that the vines here bud and fruit earlier than on any other Bouey Family estate. These vines produce a wine which is completely unique, bursting with red berries, blackcurrants and plums, and matured to develop spice notes.
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1 Rue Commanderie des Templiers
France, Gironde


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