It has lovely blackcurrant and raspberry overtones on the bouquet.


Reflecting its soil, Château La Carelle is a smooth and harmonious wine. It has an attractive, light tannic structure on the palate.

Growing Conditions

The winery is right in the middle of the 34 hectare vineyard, the maison de
maître and the chai storage are nearby in the village of Saint Paul.

The clayey-calcareous soil gets the soil preparation easier, which is essential for a sustainable viticulture, and gives to the grapes a more complexe aromatic component and a more delicate structure.

Clayey-calcareous and siliceous over subsoil clayey soils


Traditional with fermentation time during 3 to 4 weeks checking of temperature during fermentation hot maceration at the end of the fermentation process


6 months in tanks, then 12 to 14 months ageing in oak barrels before bottling

Food Pairing

Well-balanced and sophisticated, Château La Carelle marries well with white meat, fish and delicate cheeses. Subtle and feminine, this wine is easy to relate to, and is surprisingly good either on its own or with everyday food.