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A brief history

According to the legend, in 1810, the Duke of Chambord, who fell in love with the nature of this place, built his hunting estate here. Being a passionate fan of roosters' fighting, he gave it a name of Eperon (spur on the leg of a rooster, in French) - CHÂTEAU L'ÉPERON.

The image of the rooster, as the main symbol of France, is a symbol of the Château and you find it on each bottle of wine produced.

After visiting this winery, a group of close friends and family members from different part of the world decided to convert the Château in a dream of their lives. Since 2021, a new history of Château L'Éperon begins. It combines a unique place with a long history and international experience.
We would love to share with you "PASSION WHICH BROUGHT FRIENDS TOGETHER"

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Established in 1810

Château L'Éperon lieu-dit L'Eperon
France, Gironde


Meet The Team

  • Olivier Bonnelye

    Olivier received a diploma in biochemistry and built a successful career in international companies related to pharmaceuticals and logistics. But in every company, the main thing for him was communication and relationship with the clients. And all the years wine was the main passion and hobby. Olivier traveled a lot around the world, visited the wineries, tasted wines and dreamed of one day making his own, the very special and best wine. In 2021, he became a co-owner and CEO of the Château L'Eperon together with close friends, entered the University of AgroSup and completely changed his life. From a resident of the metropolis to a winemaker, so dreams come true. Nowdays, Olivier is working with his team to maximize the potential of the unique terroir and his goal is to reviving the success of the Malbec variety.

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