An intense nose blends notes of cherry and blackberry with subtle hints of chocolate.


It is ample and unctuous in the mouth, with a distinct fleshy character. Understated tannins prolong the tasting experience while lending softness to the wine. Thanks to its mature aromas and velvety texture, this wine is already ripe for tasting, although its concentration ensures that it will age well for many years to come.

Growing Conditions

Fine gravel partially clayey


Bottled after maturing for 18 months, it already bodes quite well.


Sorted by hand, both on the vines and in the winery on a vibrating sorting table. Vinification in concrete tulip shape tanks with temperature control


16 months in oak barrels from the France’s Allier, 15% are new barrels


Its hue is a rich deep red with violet highlights, typical of young wines from great vintages.

Food Pairing

Red meat (beef and duck) and then, when it goes older, match it with a filet mignon porc accompanied with prunes or noble mushrooms.