The nose reveals notes of grapefruit, white flowers, citrus.


The mouth is fresh and delicate with a good balance and a good olfactory afterglow of citrus fruits.

Growing Conditions

In the heart of an outstanding vineyard stretching over 100 acres of rolling hills, on the lands of the Sainte-Foy Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, we practice the ancient traditions of winemaking. With passion and respect for the earth, using grand cru vinification techniques, Château Hostens-Picant produces powerful and elegant wines which are renowned all over the world for their quality and consistency.

From its original 19 hectares, the estate has steadily grown to 40 hectares, with 30 of them being dedicated to red wine and 10 to white.

Right from the very earliest days, Yves and Nadine quickly understood the full potential of the estate’s flint, gravel, clay and limestone rich soil, and decided to do everything they could to help the terroir’s natural quality shine through in the wines they produce.

Since 2004, the family has been advised by Stéphane Derenoncourt. His arrival marked the beginning of a grand restructuring plan: soil studies, uprooting and replanting of different vines, and new interplanting techniques were all undertaken. The density of vine planting has increased from 3,300 to 6,600 vines per hectare and the original Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have been replaced by Cabernet Franc. In winemaking terms, the wines have been refined and have gained in both freshness and elegance, whilst the original identity that made their reputation is still diligently protected.

• Terroir: Clay-limestone

• Age of the vines: young vines


Yield 45 to 50 hectoliters per hectare


Our philosophy is simple: There is nothing more important than excellence. We work tirelessly, always by hand, focusing on responsible, sustainable winemaking techniques.

Grangeneuve blanc is the Château Hostens-Picant’s second white wine. It is produced by our teams from the Chateau’s grapes. This wine benefits from the Chateau’s designation of origin and bottling expertise. It is both fresh and mineral tasting.

Vinification and maturation in stainless steel vats. Brief maturation in 400 liter barrels.


Very light robe with green reflects.

Food Pairing

Aperitif, scallops, cheeses, grilled fish.