The nose is very expressive and clear with aromas of red fruits and tobacco.


On the palate, the fruit is juicy and the tannins are round. A few notes of minerality and a clean style.

A balance and a straight structure that make it a very pleasant wine to drink.

Growing Conditions

The winter was very rainy to mid-March and then it became dry. The conditions were much more favorable from April. From the end of June, Summer became very hot and almost scorching because there was no rain during the entire month of July. The water deficit and the warm temperatures allowed the skin of the grapes to thicken, to concentrate in tannins and the pips to evolve rapidly. The drought led to a very slow progression of the ripening throughout July. For cons, the heavy rains of August helped to unblock the situation and then it wa very fast and smooth.

The berries could grow properly but the yield would remain low due to the drought before the veraison.

We then had the certainty that 2015 would be a great vintage. The sp of theecial weather conditions were favorable to the concentartion and the maturation of the tannins. They are very elegant. The quality of the merlot was outstanding and the cabernet sauvignon reached a level of tannin concentration and ptemmaturity of the great vintages. The harvest began on September 17th and ended October 5th, 2015


Hand picking


Traditional. In thermo-regulated stainless steel and concrete vats


12 months in oak barrels