Intense aroma of white flowers.


Citrus, citron and chlorophyll.

Growing Conditions

Château Guiraud got Organic Farming certification in early 2011 and has managed the vineyard using organic methods since 1996.

- Vines area: environ 100 ha.

- Vine density: 6600 plants/ ha

- Average age of the vines: 35-40 years old

- Soils: sandy gravels 80%, 20% clay gravels.

- Subsoils: deep translucent sand, pure gravels crossed by red clay and limestone marls, fossilized oyster beds and red and white clay


Manual picking only, by several sortings on botrytised berries. A minimum potential charge of 20% alcohol is required to start the harvest.


100 000 bottles per year


Following vinification with the property’s Grand Cru, the second wine is a blend of wines from several batches, selected for their style. Aged in oak barrels or in stainless steel vats, the main characteristic of the second wine is its freshness and the fact that it can be enjoyed relatively young. Petit Guiraud thus makes the pleasure of drinking this modern wine available to all.

Partly in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats and partly in barrels. The different batches are fermented until they reach equilibrium (about three weeks), the nature of which depends on their plot selection.


In vats and barrels during about 12 months.