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In 1870, Armand Figerou brought the property into the family fold by buying it from the Andron heirs. 1908, Edouard Figerou his son, simultaneously manages the property and his notarial office. In 1928, the wine was already sold in bottles labeled: “Château Grandis”. As soon as the classification was created in 1932, the mention “Cru Bourgeois” will be added. In 1949, Paul Figerou, one of Edouard's sons, a member of a sibling of six children, sketched the outlines of a property as we find it today. In 1985, François-Joseph Vergez, son-in-law and nephew by marriage of the Figerou family, supported by his wife Beatrice, took over the destiny of Grandis. He built a new vat room, installed a new entirely stainless steel vat room and a thermoregulation system.
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1 Rue Georges Mandel
France, Gironde


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The Cru Bourgeois classification lists those noteworthy chateaux that were not included in the 1855 Classification - properties, such as Grandis, are a resource of quality wines at a fraction of the cost of the Classed Growths. One of life's greatest pleasures is a well-aged Bordeaux - that unmistakable medley of dried fruit, cedar, bell pepper and leather - and with a decade in bottle you can be sure this is just that. Drink to 2022.