Intense and complex, reminiscent of red fruit with notes of
citrus and vanilla flowers.


A well balanced, unctuous and generous wine. A touch of violet for a smooth finish on round tannins.

Growing Conditions

Sand and Gravel


The harvest is carried out by the most technologically advanced
machine. As soon as the grapes arrive at the barrel hall a total destemming, sorting by a team of 6 people and the crushing of the
grapes is performed.
We practice a pre-fermentation cold maceration of 72 hours in order to extract aromas a nice colour. Then comes the alcoholic fermentation of 10 days and finally a maceration under the “marc” (solid remains of the grapes after crushing) of 30 days will give to the wine all its tannic structure and unveil the qualities of the vintage.


The aging takes 15 months on average. It is carried out in
uncoated cement tanks. After this period of aging comes the
assembly of the vintage and then the bottling at the property.


Deep carmine.

Food Pairing

Toast of smoked duck breast, foie gras and tomato confit. Grilled lamb chops with parsley and lemon.
Red tuna steak cooked on the plancha stove, spiced mango salsa.