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Château Gombaude-Guillot

A brief history

Gombaude-Guillot draws its substance from one of the world’s great terroirs –the Pomerol plateau.
To offer without pretense but with all its opulence, the quintessence of a great vine-growing terroir, is the purpose of our organic vine-growing and wine-making methods.

“Organic” vine-growing is about bringing the grapes to ripeness in optimal condition while drawing on all the riches that nature has given to us rather than resorting to the use of chemical products, which damage it. Vinifying naturally means guiding the wine-making, drawing as much as possible on the resources of the grape must itself. The possible inputs (a little sulphur) are limited to a strict essential minimum (cf. technical data sheets on the wines).
All of these things enable us to make for you a wine which is full and fine, concentrated and balanced –a genuine reflection of one of the very greatest wine-growing terroirs in Bordeaux.
Since 1997, our organic vine-growing has been monitored and certified by an independent official body (ECOCERT).

Gombaude-Guillot was the first great Bordeaux growth (in terms of terroir –there is no official classification in the Pomerol appellation) to acquire organic certification.
Our biodynamic vine-growing, begun in 2006, is developing and is also going through the process of official certification (Biodyvin).

In practical terms, our everyday tasks are focused on:

Caring for the soil and terroirs
When a soil is alive, the micro-organisms which populate it form an interface between the mineral and vegetal worlds. They transform the bedrock, solubilize the elements of it, and make them assimilable. All our efforts are geared to maintaining and stimulating life in the soils. Only a living soil makes the essence of the terroir available to the vines.

Organic or biodynamic?
The specifications set out in organic vine-growing constitute a basis, which breaks with the “biocide” practices of conventional agriculture. Once beyond this fundamental stage, the growers’ careful attention to the intimate patterns of living matter opens the way towards biodynamic wine growing. Cultivating the vines with “companion” plants and seeking to introduce biodiversity in the vineyard open yet more avenues.

Protecting the environment
The organic farmer is careful to avoid any degradation of the natural environment. Fertilization is carried out using natural inputs of low solubility. Herbicides are forbidden (the soils are maintained mechanically or partially by hand). Only spray products with a simple mineral, plant extract or homeopathic-type preparation are authorised.

Caring for consumers’ health
Our growing methods and carefully controlled yields ensure wines of good concentration and balance, which contain no pesticide residues. The wine-making process is at the service of the wine itself and doesn’t involve any standardizing wine-making practices. A slight deposit in the bottle may occur; our wines are not filtered.
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