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Giscours, immense, spectaculaire, foisonnant. Des étendues à perte de vue. Un incomparable terrain de découvertes dans une nature préservée. Un monde autre. On découvre, on s’y perd, on perd le sens du temps et de l’espace, et on se retrouve différent…
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10 route de Giscours
France, Gironde

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Château Giscours Château Giscours Grand Cru Classe Bottle Preview
Château GiscoursChâteau Giscours Grand Cru Classe

An extraordinary terroir is what gives Château Giscours its whole identity and makes it one of the most famous Margaux wines in the world. For every vintage, we are committed to retaining what makes Château Giscours so wonderfully unique, powerful and full-bodied, whilst also working with the two concepts we hold very close to our hearts: beautiful aromas and refined tannins. Every year, our technical team lavishes individual care and attention on each vine and starts thinking about the Château Giscours blend from spring onwards. During the harvest, we perform a selection by age and complete multiple passes of each plot so that the grapes can be harvested when perfectly ripe. The Merlot is harvested for its roundness and gourmet style. The Cabernets provide the three dimensions of structure, freshness and density. In the winery, we have altered our approach to extraction so that we showcase the delicacy of the tannins. Maceration is designed in terms of duration, like an infusion, rather than intensity of work in the winery. Our choices are guided entirely by tasting.