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A brief history

Château George 7 is a boutique winery on the right bank of Bordeaux in the village of Saillans. Established in 2017, we produce a range of red and white wines - AOC Fronsac red wines from 35-year-old merlot vines and a white AOC Bordeaux Blanc.

Our name reflects our mission - to blend the best of the heritage and tradition of Bordeaux with forward-looking wine-making approaches and techniques.
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Château George 7, 1 Le Bergey
France, Gironde


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Château George 7 Château George 7 AOC Fronsac Bottle Preview
Château George 7Château George 7 AOC Fronsac

Ripe merlot from 35-year old vines in a terroir of clay over limestone is hand harvested and fermented in large 500 ltr French oak barrels and then aged for 18 months in small barrels.

Château George 7 Prince de George 7 AOC Fronsac Bottle Preview
Château George 7Prince de George 7 AOC Fronsac

A fresh and fruity wine with just 9 months' ageing on oak after fermentation in stainless steel. Made from 35 year old merlot vines in clay over limestone soil.