Growing Conditions

It is a humid spring until the end of June, punctuated by some intense rainy episodes, which lead to very high late blight pressure: 2018 will remain engraved in the memory of winemakers for a long time.

In the end, only our organically worked plots will experience small yield losses.

From July 14 to the date of harvest it rains only 5mm.

This summer of extreme drought generates maturation that evolves slowly until September 26 for the earliest merlots. The first cabernets waited for the little rain of October 7, to finish being harvested on October 12 under a radiant sun.


The juices are very sweet, colorful and tasty. The mustimeter panics with degrees above 14% and Ph to more than 3.85 for merlots: these are the usual values at southern vineyards. We still do not sulfitate the harvest and the fermentations are rather languid. As a result, the "malos" naturally engage while the sugars have not finished fermenting: it is also new and stressful. But finally everything ends without problems. So we make the first drains after 3 weeks of vatting.

The balm vat and fleshy, powerful and fruity drop wines are already pleasant to taste at this stage.

The press wines are surprisingly balanced and will be largely used in the final blend that will be carried out with the precious assistance of Eric Boissenot and Marco Balsimelli, our oenologists-consultants.


Ageing: 75% in barrels, 20% of which are new, 25% in tanks