Very complex, airy and distinguished all in one, heralding a true journey on the nose.


Delicately refined spice, strong minerality, and notes of undergrowth and flowery orchards. The wine is powerful, bursting with energy and very elegant on the palate. The finish is taut, lingering and airy, allowing a third, very spiritual dimension to emerge.
A wine for wine lovers.

Growing Conditions

2018 was a warm year, rainy in the spring then dry during the summer.
After a generally cool and damp winter, the vines began to bud late and the high levels of water in the soil caused them to warm up more slowly. Rainfall remained at high levels during the spring, accompanied with above-average temperatures. These conditions significantly promoted downy mildew, and biodynamics particularly helped to mitigate losses. Dry weather set in with the arrival of the summer. It was the hottest summer season on record since 2003. However, the year did not suffer from the bottlenecks observed in the past, as the spring rain ensured sufficient water resources for the soil. Veraison was early. The grapes ripened in perfect conditions: dry weather with high levels of temperature variation between night and day, which is very conducive to good polyphenol development. This weather produced grapes with good tannic potential and a southern style, which we had to take care not to enhance during the winemaking process. Retaining freshness was the key to success here.


Limestone plateau and limestone-clay hillside


30% new barrels and 70% that have contained at least one previous wine


A deep, bright appearance.