Growing Conditions

2015 is our third year in biodynamics throughout the vineyard. The very favorable climatic conditions accentuate the benefits of this farming which respects and encourages the natural balances between the vine and its environment. The mild and dry winter announced a beginning of constricting vegetative cycle. But winter precipitation, although moderate, was sufficient to ensure water reserves. Spring was ideal. The exceptionally low rainfall compensated for the absence of winter cold and contained the phytosanitary pressure. April and May are hot and dry, ensuring uniform bud burst and growth. We could not hope better conditions for the blooming which is done completely and very quickly. Until veraison, the vineyard takes full advantage of sunny weather. The setting is fast and complete. The sanitary condition of the foliage and grapes is perfect. The heat wave episode of late June and early July causes an early water deficit that quickly triggers veraison. The few rains at the end of July arrive at the perfect moment to avoid any blockage and start the ripening of the grapes. With sunny days and cool nights, maturation is slow, regular and complete. These conditions are maintained in the late season and provide us with the attitude to harvest each of our parcels at its optimum maturity.


From September 17th to October 8th of 2015


Wooden and concrete vats which capacities will enable to vinify each plot separately.


18 months of ageing in 50% of new oak