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A brief history

The Phylloxera crisis at the end of the 19th century destroyed most of the French vineyards. Shortly after, the First World War, as well as the splitting up of properties due to inheritance laws, often led to the abandonment of winegrowing in general and even to the disappearance of some of the smaller wine estates.
This was the case with Château Retou-Rosset in Lamarque and Château Salva de Camino in Cussac Fort Médoc, both of which were classified “crus bourgeois”, as well as another estate, the “petit cru” Château Moulina. It was only in the 1950s, after their acquisition by the Kopp family, that these estates were brought back to life.
After a great deal of time and effort, the vineyards were gradually rebuilt. Today, this estate is still run by the Kopp family; daughter and son-in-law.
Today Château du Retout has 34 hectares of AOC Haut Medoc vineyards and 1.5 hectares of white grape varieties.
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Rue du Bois des Andrés
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