Growing Conditions

Quite, Quite simply, a very good vintage Early bud break due to the mild winter slowed down vegetative growth, letting flowering take place in cool weather with no significant effects on the future harvest. The summer was exceptionally hot, leading to significant water stress in the vines, but this was limited by much-awaited rainfall! Therefore, ripening was not halted, conducive to quick and homogeneous véraison (colour change). Thanks to a dry, warm and sunny month of September, the grapes gradually developed good colour and tannin potential characteristic of a very fine vintage. “The 2019 vintage at our estates is once again in line with some of the greatest. Even though the vines experienced significant water stress, this did not halt ripening. Wines from this vintage have a high alcohol content, but nevertheless present an impressive fruitiness and a beautiful tannic structure, resulting in a well-balanced blend thanks especially to the remarkable Cabernet Sauvignons!”


Harvest dates: September 18th to October 1st 2019 Blend : 55% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon Maturing : 12 months, 25% new barrels Bottling date : April 6th to 9th 2021 Yield : 50 hl/ha Production : 84 000 bottles