Intense, fine, subtle, deep and noble nose.

Growing Conditions

Soil: at the top of the upper Barsac, lined with Crus classified in 1855, Doisy Daëne is located on the clay-limestone plateau. This geological exception of the left bank has helped make the village of Barsac and its wines famous throughout the world.
Area: 15 hectares of Sémillon intended for the production of sweet wines from Doisy Daëne. 10 hectares of Sauvignon blanc intended for the production of dry white wines exclusively carried out in the municipality of Barsac.
Grape variety: 40% Sauvignon blanc, 60% Sémillon


Manual collection by successive sorting.
Fermentation is carried out in barrels, thus separating the harvest from each sort and each plot.
A pre-assembly is carried out 3 months after harvest.


Breeding is also carried out in barrels for an average duration of 12 months.


Yellow colour.