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A brief history

Chateau Desmirail, included among the third growths in the 1855 classification, has an outstanding terroir bordering on the Route des Chateaux.
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28 avenue de la Ve Republique
France, Gironde


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Château Desmirail Initial de Desmirail Bottle Preview
Château DesmirailInitial de Desmirail

Produced in part from younger vines, Initial de Desmirail is the Château's Second Wine. It also undergoes a maturation period in barrels. This is a wine that should ideally be drunk within ten years in order to enjoy all of its qualities. « This wine is considered to be a generous, easy-to-drink wine which is pleasant when young. »

Château Desmirail Haut-Médoc de Desmirail Bottle Preview
Château DesmirailHaut-Médoc de Desmirail

Haut-Médoc de Desmirail is made with the same care and in the same style as Desmirail's Second Wine.

Château Desmirail Le Rosé de Desmirail Bottle Preview
Château DesmirailLe Rosé de Desmirail

Our fresh, fruity Rosé de Desmirail is made from Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot. An excellent wine to drink as an aperitif and with light summer dishes.